About Our Cause

We need your help.

We embarked on this new, exciting journey with the desire to give back and make a difference in the poverty-stricken communities tri-cities of Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay (Palm Beach County, FL). These same cities have massive homeless communities.  There are so many people that need our help, but as we approach our first phase, we want to reach out and offer you the chance to be part of something truly great.

To attend our fundraiser, simply buy your tickets today or send in your donation.  If you wish to learn more about what we do or other ways to contribute, simply get in touch today.



We hope you’re able to attend. If not, please give a donation.  If you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Dollar Bill in Jar

Our Sponsor

New Zion Assembly - The New Church

We’ve spent countless months planning our event, and none of it could be possible without the support of New Zion Assembly - The New Church.  An imperative part of our team, our sponsors give us both the financial and logistical support we need.  We’re proud to present our sponsor here. Reach out with questions, or if you’d like to join the list.


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